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  Live report 2nd USM 2006
9/3/2006GP3S Crew

At around 12 o'clock the 2nd USM started. It was raining a lot but now the skies are more clear and the wind has picked up well. Most (around 60 in total) sailors are out with 6.7 - 5.2m2 so we expect good some good speeds!
More info later!
9/3/2006GP3S Crew

We have sailed for a couple of hours and the speeds are really nice. Some of the top guys have done above 75 km/h max gps.
The speed atmosphere is really nice and a lot of riders have some new pr's!
I will try to post some pics on forum.windsurfing.nl.
9/4/2006Andrew Daff

Are there any photos up anywhere yet?
9/4/2006Roger van Tongeren

I have uploaded some pics to the media section, but Dylan has to put them on the site. He hoped to do that at lunch time (GMT+1)...
9/4/2006Richard van Dijk

Surfbullit has made a movie. It will be posted (when he is finisched editing) maybe on this site but for sure on his own.

Check: www.surfbullit456.com (movie section)
9/4/2006Dylan de Jong

Pictures will be availabale tonight. Do not have proper FTP access at work.
9/4/2006Chris Torckler

Amazing to see the numbers you guys have out there enjoying a speed event!! congrats to all those who have pushed up their P.B.s for the event ..... this sort of event bodes well for the future of GPS speed over the traditional events! go hard and enjoy it
9/8/2006Andrew Daff

It is great to see that speed sailing has such a large and enthusiastic following in Holland. Much if this sucess must be due to the excellent forsight of the people who organise what is obviously a very sucessful event. Well done guys.

Is there a specific place where the day to day and progressive results/rankings are posted besides just the whole list in the forum. I am interested in the classes and perhaps a short report on conditions etc.
9/8/2006Roger van Tongeren

Peter has written a little story on this section:

The ranking has to be changed because all sessions are in the same list :-)... Well I will push the webmasters to change things when there is no wind at the ESM!

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