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  Sandy Point looking good for monday
9/11/2005Shelby Reilly

Tommorow is shaping up like there might be some serious breeze down the Pit and low tide around mid day,any one up for it?
9/11/2005Craig Hollins

Sorry shelby got to build a house.The s/w change just blasted past at 6pm .I,d get there early as I don,t think its staying for long.Have a blast
9/11/2005Mal Wright

Hi Shelby,

I'll be driving down in the morning and will be there around 9-10am.
Note the tides tomorrow (add about 1.5 hours to the figures below). Looks like high tide around 7am, low tide just after midday.

Mon 12
Time Height
0523 1.38
1056 0.56
1700 1.29
2307 0.15

See you there.

9/12/2005Andrew Daff

I just got a phone text message from Mal which simply says: 38.8
Sounds like it was a pretty good session. I can't wait to hear the details.
9/12/2005Mal Wright

Hi Andy,
See my comments in the sessions. Conditions were great. I can't believe Shelby and I had it all to ourselves for the day.
The wind was really consistent and kept building slowly (to my disgust). I ended up on the 5.8 because I went through the 5.0 coming back up the course. Initially the wind was very southerly, maybe even SE and there was a rolling swell running westward along the course. This is what threw me off when I was running the assymetric fin on the wrong side :(
Eventually the direction came back to about SSW and the dropping tide started to make the course smoother. Toward the end Shelby and I were increased our speeds each run as the water smoothed off. I managed my best run when the wind backed off ever-so-breifly. Eventually the cold weather got the better of us and we called it a day around 1.30 as the wind kept building and the course got to its best. We should have hit the water at midday when the tide was at its lowest, but you never can tell what you will be dealt, so you take it while you can.
Just a note, I made a typo in my results, the 3.9 should have been 37.86. Hopefully one of the guys can fix it.
9/12/2005Shelby Reilly

It was another perfect Sandy Point day,I don't know what else to say.Great to sail with you Mal and thanks for the hand.Hope to be sailing with you again soon Andrew and Craig and what's the best way to get all of this sand out of my eyes and ears.
9/12/2005Ian Fox

Mal, Typo fixed ~ Nice going Shelby!
9/12/2005Andrew Daff

I just KNEW I was missing it!

Great speeds boys! Pity about that sail Mal!

As for the sand problem, all I can say is I wish I knew.... :)

It looks like the weather patterns are changing a bit. suddenly we seem to be getting more SW 'erlies again, instead of all the NW 'ers. I hope it is the same next week when I have holidays!

How was the water temp. and wind chill factor guys? I went for a Surf on Saturday and even though the air temp was high teens and there was no wind, I sure was glad I had my rubber cap and booties on!
9/13/2005Chris Lockwood

Great runs guys. Shame to read about your small sail being decommissioned for the day Mal. Shelby- you're not far off the magic 40 mate.

I'll be heading over to SP in 4 or 5 weeks. I'm hanging out for some real speed sailing again!


Looks like the puff you guys got is spawning a drought breaker over the tasman... 8 weeks at my count since the last decent blow here... better dust of some cobwebs and load some gear
Chris Torckler
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