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#NaamAvgRun2 sec500Alpha
1Minos Efstathiadis35.9136.5537.3531.4219.55Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
2Nick Vardalachos34.9136.1136.9900
3Albanis George33.7533.9234.6329.0115.77
4Manolis Kapnisakis33.0233.6734.5629.110
5Alexander Doukas32.633.1833.4728.2417.17Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
6Babis Sakadaris32.132.2932.8426.680Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
7Stephanos Grapsas30.5431.0931.5626.5417.07Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
8Doxis Milidakis30.5230.931.5426.530
9Michalis Simos28.6929.4830.0325.980
10Albanis Andreas26.9127.5228.1223.9418.49

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  Mar 21 2010 - Drepano - Greece
3/21/2010 7:48:34 PMDoxis Milidakis

3/21/2010 8:36:29 PMMichalis Simos

My first session...
3/21/2010 8:44:23 PMMinos Efstathiadis

Really flat for the first time this year in Drepano. Lots of happy faces, young guys too...
3/21/2010 8:56:55 PMBabis Sakadaris

Great day the reef was there and our friends NIC GRE-800 AND ALEX GRE-145 join us..today i saw the faster wave rider i have ever seen !!!his name is George Vlastos he used my jp54speed and RSR 6.7 just to see how it feels and he came back with max speed of 32.12!!! he was looking great on and his jibes was smooth and sexy..bravo George next time you can hit a wave with that speed to make a triple forward loop!!!
3/21/2010 9:40:15 PMAlexander Doukas

Another nice day in Drepano! Many friends on the beach, despite moderate forecast wind was excellent, and most important a solid sand bank!!! Unfortunately I had been too lazy to take with me my small speed board; great sessions by all and many discussions on the beach made this sort of a successful test event for the coming championship?!?!? Some pictures of the day at http://bit.ly/20100321_drepano
3/21/2010 9:49:19 PMNick Vardalachos

couldn't auto upload , don't know why....anyway, nice, sunny, flat, and not cold......lots of fun for almost 6hours....in the beginning and the end of the end of the session also used the Isonic 111. 
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