NameBob Cunningham
HomespotPaignton, DevonVirtual Earth
CountryUnited Kingdom
Sponsor(s)Tushingham Sails/Starboard

Weight98 kg
Weight Class91-100
Height188 cm
Age classGrand Master (51-60)
Member sinceMonday, March 27, 2006
Sessions posted47
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DateFriday, January 6, 2012
Event2012 British GPS Speed Championships
SpotKingsbridge Estuary, S.Devon, United Kingdom
BoardCarbon Art Sp 44, 2008
SailTushingham X-15 5.8, 2006
FinTectonics F1 Falcon 24
GPS typeNavi GT-31

Average speed43.76 knots ( 45.34 44.98 43.74 42.44 42.29 )
Max. 2 sec.47.3 knots
100 m run46.65 knots
250 m run44.62 knots
500 m run38.37 knots
Nautical mile0 knots
1 hour0 knots
24 hour0 km
Alpha racing0 knots
Distance0 km
Windspeed0 - 20 knots


New spot tested. very flat water even at 135 plus degrees,  only down side is the lenght of the run and the mud.

The bank had gone before the strongest winds had filled in.

Will be back with full speed kit next time.

Well done to Paul and bad luck to snake with breaking a fin.


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