Results of the day
1Erik Loots29.02
2Serge Beumer28.66
3Marcel Braas28.39
4Peter de Wit28.37
5Rene Mienis27.64
6Frank van der Knaap20.79
Since a very long time the wind surprised me. I was totally convinced it would be 15kn windspeed 18kn gusts or something like that, however I sailed for a long period and the wind never came in that strong...

I sailed from 14:00 till 17:30 and the best speed was made in the first hour.

Don't know if I will be sailing tommorow...
missed the first hour, i was expecting more wind in the afternoon, but it never came. Just cruising, but looking at my track, i wasn't expecting this speeds !!! It must be the rs rascing evo 2 !! 
Diverse boards geprobeerd o.a falcon 110 , isonic 111 en AB+ 68
De meeste tijd doorgebracht op de isonic en hiermee gepost 

First session with the EVOII 7.0. Wind was quite light but the weather became better and better. Never really powered. Doing some rig tuning.
Mooie max Serge ;)
jij moest zeker ook alles handmatig invoeren hoop dat dat probleem met gpsresults snel gefixt wordt
eerste keer op mijn formula board ik had ook mijn 10.0 kunnen op tuigen  maar dit ging ook goed