Results of the day
1Patrick Van Hoof36.2
2Simon Pettifer35.22
3Anders Bjorkqvist33.65
4Anders Bjorkqvist33.59
5John Oliver31.55
6Robin Russell30.55
7Bill Robinson29.32
8Lee Spencer29.18
9Paul Arnold28.02
10Grant Cottrell 26.64
11Steve Thompson26.05
12Tania Mertens22.93

Nice first session on warp s pro like it already

What a lovely day it was ! At first the wind was too hard for me, but then it dropped a little and I could sail my 6,0 S-type and the 100 l. Blast.

At a certain moment, Pat and I swapped boards and I sailed the Falcon 98. Unfortunately at that point the wind dropped so I couldn't get a run in on that kit. They closed the course a bit later. But I had a great time on the water and sailed after that still a few runs on the Falcon 98.

lovely day 

proud that Tania went on the water. 

Last day of the speedweek. A bit late on the water and too big sail, but thanks for a great week!

Last day WSW. A bit late on the course and too big sail, but fun!