Results of the day
1Mark Hayford35.09
2George Fulton30.02
3Nikolett Piszkei25.93

First time on my new (2nd hand) iS107 (2015). This replaces my old iS107 (2011), and todays goal was to see if this new one would go faster than the my old iS107, it did go faster so I am pleased. I would have been faster on my SB W58 for sure, but really wanted to play with my new toy instead.

Just me, Nikki and George on the wall today. Had fun watching Ben on a foil. Good day, was fun. 

Naish Force Wave 4.7 - Tabou 3S 86

Had a great day, the wind was gusty, sometimes W, sometimes rather NW. Just a few people on the lake.