Results of the day
1Dan Meehan36.91
2Dan Willemse35.41
3Mike Sinclair33.4

Trip out to Greenpark with the team, great to explore this spot and get a feel for it. A little on the light side, gust wernt quite coming down to us.

 Plenty of potential  in the huge runs! Great to explore this are and get a nice NM PB. Happy with that. 

CA SP44, Loft RB 6.3, Mykz WB 21.  

Great day out at lake Ellesmere. Big long runs on flat water. Not used to doing good spped over long distance. Other Chch spots dont offer this. More wind would of been nice but well done to those all those got pbs today...Stomping runs by all. FS 50, M1 5.5, Assy sb 20

Greenpark Huts.  Mikez 74L, Severne 5.2, 21 cm fin

Green park south bar, long runs and lots of walking. Wind up and down and big lulls. Nice day in the sun and wind.