Results of the day
1Wiro Nillesen29.48
2Benjamin Verdin27.81
3Benjamin Verdin27.64

Eerste sessie van het jaar en met de Coros Vertix gepost.

10 days ago I was icesurfing here. Today 20°C, sun, wind and 20 people on the water. No rubbish anymore in the water. Nice day !!

Unfortunately my mini motion doens't log anymore the last 2 sessions (device was on and battery went from 100 to 60% but no logs to be found). Need to contact Julien... Maybe he can recover the session, but i think the GPS receiver is broken.

Came a bit late on the spot and missed the best wind, but still had some fun with the 550 wing first and later with the 800 wing. On the water until sunset. Discovered in the end that I sailed the whole day with my wetsuit zip open :-)

Could recover my lost motion session ??