Results of the day
1Mark Newman35.88
2Simon Pettifer33.16
3Paul Arnold31.21
4George Fulton30.73
5Chris Humphries27.69
6Steve Thompson26.6
7Chris Pankhurst 26.57
8Chris Pankhurst 26.57

first time out for nearly a year and  third time in two  years 

  was hard work , got to get back to me alphas again if the body will allow it , i have  alot of  body corrosian 

Great day in warm water - LW so choppy further out....

Long afternoon waiting for tide but enjoyable

Run 2/3/5 IS97/34 1&4 IS107

22 (27) 33 kn  218 (229) 238


love this board , , on it for a couple of hours ,,  wind dropped  so exocet 2  ( 90 liter ) exspecting  anything to happen but ,, jesus  it took off  made my  alpha  memories return so  just goes to show   an old banger can teach you  in minutes what you may take  weeks to learn  for when you wana go out on  65 liter rocket  ,, my arms were a little better today  and luxury cruisers ( aircraft carriers )  can make all the difference  came in before the flat arrived