Results of the day
1Shelby Reilly42.73
2Tony Wynhoven42.6
3Andrew Daff42.05
4Tom Chalko39.77
5Lester Hodge37.34
Thanks to Stuart Eustice for his assistance after my crash. Resting a while after the crash was not a good option because the rig was drifting away from the shore quite fast.

The back footstrap screw on my SP40 board disconected from the board in the beginning of the run. Basically the plastic thread failed.

Initially I thought that I missed the footstrap with my back foot and continued sailing. Then I looked at my back footstrap and discovered that it was disconnected at one end, not holding my foot at all. By that time I reached speed about 36+ knots and the chop and then crashed, landing some 20m away from the board.

My experimental "safety harness line" promptly disconnected me from the rig and there was no injury (apart from slight dizziness for a few minutes) and no equipment damage.
good wind strength but too West.
Had 4.5kg weight on fastest two runs with 5m sail
Holed the sail and went to 4.4m but was underpowered on the broad course.
started the day leaving at 4.30 am to try for an early session. Arrived at 8.00 to find it too north west and light. Had to be at a meeting in the city at 1.30 so I left cursing. When I came out of the meeting there was a message that Grant had a pb and it was on. The tide was about to turn and I was 2 1/2 hours away. I decided to make the trip back to Sandy on the chance the tide would stay out longer than expected. I arrived to find it rushing in and rigged super fast. First run was 45 on the dial and 10 sec of 44. Unfortunately I broke a boom clamp rope and had a swim in wasting time I didn't have. Fom then on the wind slowly dropped as did the times. I tried desperately to get 5 good ones but the tide was lapping at the car wheels and the rolling chopp was getting pretty harsh. Another 2 runs would have done it but the point go to Shelby today. Well done!!
Special thanks to Daffy for watching while I did the 5 runs safely. cheers, I'm sure the shower would have been a more pleasant place to be!
Home now after nearly 1000kms in 18 hours (and a bit of sailing)
cheers tony   

About as close to the perfect direction wind as you can get at the PiT  these days I reckon! - not quite as strong as I could have handled,being so broad,but that probably would have made the rolling chop bigger than the 1 foot it already was in the pull up zone - so I didn't come a cropper down there - touch wood..                                 Screwed my Battens up that tight before I went out that I broke my main batten about 4 inches behind my back hand - after it fully snapped on the second run I didn't have any more draft movement issues - it was just a bit further back than usual!!!         Really happy with the speed and confidence I get from this Lockwood oven baked 23.5 raked weapon.
Hello Tom,

How does your experimental harnessline look like ? could you tell me about the construction ?

After my bad crash almost 2 years ago, i am also experimenting with lines, where one side of the line is a small line that must break under force, i am now on 300 kg line, looking how light I must go with it.