Results of the day
1Alex van der Meer36.85
2Nikaj Droop35.58
3Jeroen Jacobs35.03
4Jacques Pellen33.99
5Theo Boudewijn33.25
6Paul Van De Perre32.81
7Marco Smeele32.43
8Patrick Driesen32.23
9Gerrit Slijkoort31.54

The day after the wind... was really pissed off at the start that the wind was so light and that I missed yesterday, but luckily turned the switch quickly and had a fun day with Nikaj and other familiar faces!
I tried a NM with my repaired Caspar 29 fin and it feels sweet again.
Also went to Veermansplaat for cruising.
We had a pleasant 13 degrees Celsius, what a way to end the year (if that big depression is not coming afterall).

Kan wel eens de laatste dag surfen zijn dit jaar, maar je kan hem maar weer hebben 6000 km dit jaar .