Results of the day
1Dave White40.78
2Ian Richards40.19
3Antony Todd39.23

bit of a gamble trip to southend turned out okay. port tack session and quite square on the long course. 

had a go on Whiteys kit and felt comfy straight away, more to come from Fhot fins I think.

Nice port tack session at Southend, i was a bit under finned with 19 c3 slingshot and only have starboard fins in bigger sizes.  first time getting 41kn peak port tack so all good!

Another day another lesson. Went to Southend even though the forecast didn't look as good, plus it was real south east and I wasn't sure how well it worked in this direction. The main reason for going was to test out a smaller fin F-Hot Speed 20, looking at what others are using this should have been too small but after today I wouldn't use bigger with a 5.7.

You can't go back in time but I feel if I'd used this 20cm in the last weeks it would have increased my speed a marked about. The fin gave so much confidance I'm going to get a 18 and 16, the latter for a proper windy day :)

Another positive, I've lent out my kit the last few runs out and so far everyone who's tried it have hooked right in and loved the set-up (apart from the size of my footstraps), it's good to know I don't have a quirky set-up that only suits me.