Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel42.85
2Jacques van der Hout42.85
3Antony Todd36.6
4Jean-marc Degrelle36.4
5Raymond Wortel35.9
6Rolf de Ruiter34.67

very,very...very complicated !

had some turns between waves,not confident!

Way different conditions then yesterday. Much more controlable but didn't go to close to the shore today didn't feel in my comfort zone with the little waves that making it a bit unvisible where the sand stopped. 5,6 was flying as always it's insane how much power it creates. Hopefully tomorrow better conditions for a good year ranking

Started with 5.6, but hit a wave at the beach and damaged the mast sleeve stitches....  Last run was with the F2017 5.2

Overall a difficult day, wind up and down from non-planning to nice powered up.

Also a lot of waves with spray as high as 2m, tricky conditions but nothing really scary :)

And the walk back to the car is not that hard in low wind conditions

fijn om weer op het water van la Franqui te zijn, lastig dagje vandaag met inkomende golven. Toen m'n runs sneller werden kreeg ik een golf over me heen en brak mijn onderste zeillat, vlak daarna ging de windkraan open en heb ik omgetuigd naar 5.4, eenmaal terug op het water was de wind compleet weg en konden we weer terug naar de auto. hopelijk morgen een goeie dag!