Results of the day
1Garry Connell34.38
2Scotty Stallman34.1
3Mark Newman33.87
4Simon Pettifer33.34
5Lee Spencer32.97
6Jim Brake32.43
7Sam Anstey 31.65
8George Fulton31.42
9David Laird30.61
10Norman Petty30.56
11Robin Russell30.42
12Paul Arnold30.36

Early doors...square and gusty.

Initally disapointing but more comfortable and faster after making a few tweeks, still a lot of catching up to do!!!

Falcon 80 Casper 29 then CA SP 53 Casper 31 (tried 29 & Deb SL4 30)

Square & windy.

Bit rusty but fun sail.

Awesome day at weymouth, after 8 hour sailing im still feeling good!!

enough wind for a good blast on RS 3 ,fastest i've been on this board