Results of the day
1Carsten Hanke36.55
2Nils Bach36.06
3Mozart Müller35.74
4Christoph Deus35.29
5Colin Stutzke31.31

Sturmtief Sebastian war Brutal, aber ein toller Tag. Glückwunsch Nils zum Spot PR und Mozi zum PR

never seen our lake this windy and choppy, around noon I couldn't make good run only survival, in the evening it was a bit better, bit flatter and less wind, could do some good runs then

congratz Colin and Mozi with your PBs and off course to Gunnar Asmussen for his amazing world record in Büsum!!!

Nice after work session at 'Steinhuder Meer'.

Started a bit to late and with very small gear. However, the Feine Finnen Beast 22 delivered full control in the choppy conditions! Some good runs and 1st place in the daily spot ranking.

A big thank you to Bony and congrats to all speeders with new  PRs.

My deepest respect for Gunnar - over 100 km/h !!!