Results of the day
1Jean-marc Degrelle42.68
2Klaus Küppenbender41.69
3Nils Bach41.68
4Wolfgang Lewang39.35


that's what speedsurfing is all about! such a nice day with Andrea Klaus and Wolfgang which resulted in a PR for me :)

conditions were square when the wind was strong, but therefore it was flat all day, so sailed a lot of runs today

slingshotting was key to get good 10sec runs, at times I made peaks of 44kts with runs of 39, but also some good ones, peak on display was 44,86 knots

tuned the Pryde a little better today and I think that helped today, still with square windy conditions I had to open the sail in the big gusts, 

the FeineFinne Beast 21 did a fantastic job again, no spinouts and very safe and fast!

next two days look like lightwind so maybe just a little relaxed session tomorrow, need some rest now ;)

filmed with the GoPro today, video will be up once I find better Internet

nice afterwork session !

klaus in 6.3 ? so,go with 4.9 :p


Heute mal wieder seit 2 Monaten zuhause in LF

Schnell müde aufgrund der Kälte

Thanks to our Mechanics Jean Marc

was nice with my mate Wolfgang,den Bachs,Principe and Jean Marc

Still in "Wintermodus"

Spent a lot of Time to sail in square Winds and lost a lot of Power during this "funsurfing".

When the wind picked up in the afternoon all my power was gone and I had to quit in very good Conditions. : ( It is a lillte bit dangerous when Your fingers open in more than 40 Kts.)

But anyway a nice day with some old friends ......

Thank You very much J.M. Degrelle helping us with our emty batterie in the car