Results of the day
1Simon Chippington 25.85

West mersea at its best today,

Covered 68 Miles.

Started the day making Whitey a cuppa at the club,

 Out on water blasted to the other side and back a couple of times to get in Daves camera sights ;)  before i cranked upwind to the monkey steps area , this was also day1 of mersea regatta week, i noticed that the dingy club were laying a course with there saftey boats and the start boat was sitting on the course ready for the dingys to come out . Youve guessed it i couldnt hold back , run the cource fully lit rather a few times blistering deep down wind , also noticed the start boat had there cameras out so got a few cheeky close runs in towards there boat.

Paul reynolds also came out to play in the afternoon we had a great hour blasting together , i picked up a few tips in Mauriutus that were working well today (pulling away from PR)

awersome day