Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout44.29
2Jim Crossley44.26
3Antony Todd42.06
4Andras Tompa40.62
5David Willows40.37
6Mark Hayford39.81
7Adrian Brazier36.94
8Garry Goodwin24.42

Short morning session before the wind swung NW'ly and before all the freeriders arrived. Most runs had 39/40k peak 2 sec's, so I'm happy with that, More important, I started to feel comfy on the W44 and 5.7m again, its been a while since I felt comfy on this combo. Small but good turn out of speedies today, nice relaxed feel. Good to see Jacques and Jim flying in the less than perfect conditions. Big congrats to Andras on the Hungarian gps record, great skills mate 

Brilliant day, nice weather, nice wind and a lot of nice people :) New PB's, 43.81 knots peak, I wanted to know my limits, now I am closer than ever. It was good to see you guys :)

43.08 max 2s,

did two back 2 back 41.42 kt 10s, tried for 3 more fast runs-couldnt get them.

5.6 evo8/JP45/Z21

Slipped up, should have gone out earlier when conditions were calmer. More wind than yesterday and from a better direction, Good to see everybody new and old, Congrats to Andras for new PB!

Forecast was perfect for West Kirby. Wind angle was spot on, but the wind was much less then expected. Was a nice session but i hoped for higher speeds. Funny detail, i am posting now just when i am in the train under the water in the middle of the channel between UK and France.

Didn't decide to go to WK till 02.30...want packed or prepared but made it there for first light.

The wind looked disapionting but slowly picked up to be getting some reasonable speed sailing done.  Really enjoyed it! 

Used different mast that I didn't like and didn't work as well as normal.

In the end , pleased with the speeds but never had full power as wind was only moderate strength. Hit 47.2 knot max but really was going for the longer distances. The 44kn 500 and 45knot 250m were pritty pleasing for the conditions especially as it was busy with free riders and wall huggers.

Left home at 5.30am and arrived at 8.00am. Nice weather and 11c so warm for time of year.  First board of the day, starboard 44 speed and 5m  KA koncept sail. Today I felt incurcure about running the wall as choppy water. So spent all day just running down the wall until felt more confortable, could not get any more speed out of this combo today as ran it as fast as it would go.  On the Positive side, its the first time I have started and stayed all day with this speed board and fastest I have had out of this board to date so all good.