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1Stephen Squirrell26.27

 Thursday 4th March – windsurf ***** Levington – sunny but cool.


F2 Ride 282 with Tushingham Lightning 7m and 38 cm fin.


28.03 knot max, 26.27 knot ave ., 15.63 knot hour, 20.72  knot mile, 38.90 km., 18.90 knot alpha.


Hopefully this might be the start of a run of breezy weather but I had to talk myself into going today as although sunny it was a bit on the chilly side. Then James from Levington WhatsApp me a pic of Levington which I then sent to Michael Galbraith and with a good high water we decided to give it a try. With the wind SSE it would have been good at Felixstowe but we thought it would be safer on the River Orwell and we went with foiling in mind but when we arrived it was too windy for only my second foiling session so we both got conventional fin boards out. I have never sailed Levington Marina in this direction before cross on from the docks but the wind looked very constant on the water gusting up to 25 mph. I went for my 7m and 133 lt. Zantos although I could have easily used the 115 Ride but a bigger board helps you through the lulls which today were few and far between and I have never sailed in such consistent winds here and was rarely off the plane:) This was my 13th session of the year but only about the 3rd time I have had company on the water and it was good that Michael was there to do my wetsuit zip up:) Despite wall to wall sunshine it was winter suit with hat and gloves, in fact my hands got cold rigging but once on the water I was fine and we both sailed flat out for well over an hour beating across the bay doing long diagonal runs across the river in really smooth water, none of the usual short chop and you could gybe in fairly flat shallow water each side, so if you dropped a gybe, a rare happening you didn’t have to waterstart:) The big kit handled the conditions really well and 7m was perfect and Michael was also flying with his 6.2, in fact the wind actually increased during the session. It was nice to be out with other water users both motor boats and yachts:) Most of the session was spent beating but I tried going broad whenever the water turned dark in front of my but couldn’t get any really fast speed but 25/6 knots is fast enough on the river and great fun. With the tide now turned we headed back, we both agreed it was a 5 star session, actually one of my best ever on the Orwell:) Michael had to pack up as James turned for a chat where I got cold so I decided to call it a day, after all I had covered 39km and it is looking good for the same again tomorrow! With the wind turning NE for the weekend so I might go to the other river the Stour hoping to get another session foiling after both Michael and James gave me loads of tips on how to fly!