Results of the day
1John Skye32.36
2Anne Schindler31.71

After a VERY VERY windy week it finally dropped a bit today, below 40kts and I could actually sail in a straight line on the 5.6! 

First day testing with Cyril Mousilmani. Managed to get out early on the 6.2's, before changing to 5.6. Very productive testing the new 2020 protos. Cyril is quite a bit faster than me whatever gear he is using, but getting a bit closer I think. Next week we have the PWA Fuerte event to really test where I am at.

Best speeds today were all on the 6.2 so I posted that, even though half the session was on 5.6. No speed runs and every run was pretty much exactly square, so pretty happy with the average actually.