Results of the day
1Simon Chippington 23.39
2Stephen Squirrell23.35
3Simon Chippington 16.9

Friday 29th August– Windsurf **** - The Dip - Felixstowe – sunny.


Fin – 24.78 knot max., 23.35 knot ave., 15.14 knot hour, 22.83 knot mile, 60.30 km., 15.38 knot alpha.


F2 282 Ride with Tushingham Lightning 7m and 38 fin.


What a top month August has been, I am now on my 13th session covering a month’s best of 611.87km. with 71 windsurfing sessions for the year and more wind forecast for the weekend:) With a SSW forecast today increasing in afternoon it was best to wait until after the tide turned so relaxing day in the garden doing my exercises, then I spotted Swainy arrive at The Dip with wind od about 20 knots, more than forecast:) I decided to head down, dropping Mag off in town I arrived at the beach at 1.30. Mark was out with 6.6 but said it was fine when he first went out but was a little under so I went for my recently repaired Tushingham Lightning 7m on the F2 Ride. It probably wasn’t the best time to head out with the tide still fairly high and wind with tide! The sea was its usual lumpy mess but I went for my usual hour stint by sailing out past the red and white bouy up to 1.80 miles out. To be honest I was slightly under for most of the session but it was good fun none the less. I slowly beat down the coast but with the wind a little patchy I didn’t get as far as The Fludgers but had two top broad runs which definitely smoothed out the sea:) It got a little wild in the mouth of the River Deben but to sail and it took me an hour to fall in, in fact I only dropped a couple of gybes which is good for me! Several more sailors turned up to make the most of the sunny afternoon but at the tide dropped the sea improved but the wind sadly dropped so time to call it a day. A nice 4 Star session despite the lumpy sea, being out for nearly 3 hours covering over 37 miles:)

Loyal to the foil, after work training , loverly sunset, feeling good super deep off wind now, still not flying gybes but trying had trying different things.

packed away in the dark.

could have been on slalom kit but keen to improve on the foil in choppy waters

lunch break