Results of the day
1Minos Efstathiadis37.49
2Thomopoulos Dinos36.64
3Albanis George36.3
4Vangelis Avramidis35.35
5Babis Sakadaris35.31
6Alexandros Petikidis34.84
7Alexander Doukas34.75
8Alex Poupalos34.1
9Kostas Stamboulis34
10Nikos Liberis33.75
11Manolis Kapnisakis33.53
12Fotios Papadopoulos33.43
13Stephanos Grapsas32.9
14Doxis Milidakis32.71
15Spiros Zotos32.27
16Fotios Papadopoulos32.19
17Mavris Haris31.73
18Rabaounis Ilias30.47
19Leta Margoni30
20Albanis Andreas28.97
21Christos Kanellis28.82
22Panagiotis Petritsis28.1
23Panagiotis Marnelis26.43
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thank you all for a great event! pictures and more will follow soon....
history day for the speed in greece!!!!!!
bravo alex ,stefan 

bravo all the guys to run, bravo 1 mino, 2 niko, and 3!!! DINO...GIA LIGO TIME 

the weather is good, the wind strong, many new face .

bravo nikos lymperis and babys sakadarys to coming for SAMO

Super Day......!!
perfect day for our championship!!!
great place, good wind, perfect sun-temperature!!!
I need a smaler board... 90lt seems like a formula...
The Greek Speed Championship for 2010 ended up perfectly. The wind was super good 25-30 knots, sometimes gusting even more. Many newcomers, lots of happy faces, many PB's broken, very friendly atmopshere. Lots people traveled really long in order to participate (i guess Nikos Lyberis covered more then 1000 kms!) and finally it paid off. Definately a day to remember! And of course, i was happy to win the race...