Results of the day
1Thomas Doeblin44.69
2Torsten Mallon44.63
3Manfred Merle44.58
4Michael Naumann44.48
5Dieter Gerichhausen44.07
6Manfred Fuchs42.81
7Andreas Boehne37.91
8Steffi Wahl36.58
9Joachim Foerster35.19
10Christine Pihan30.96

after 5 hours of sleep back on the water - too early for me :(
Great speeds Manfred  .... congrats!  :)
New PR again after yesterday.
nice Morning... more later! 
Second session ever on a tidal inlet... 2 sessions, 2 different inlets in 16 hours! Crazy trip and gigantic fun!!! $0
First time at Vollerwiek, evening low tide. Very happy with the results. :)
What a day! At 7.30 in the morning we went out on the Priel. The fastest german speedsurfers where there and it all looked like a perfect speed morning. 7-8 Bft. from WSW, sunshine .... I´m not so much into speedsurfing, so I rigged my smallest sail (6.0 Gaastra GTX )and took my Missile S. Michael Naumann borrowed me a 23cm fin..thank´s a lot! Then I went on the track and got faster every run. I was very happy when my GPS showed 39,5 Knots as Max. Speed! Wow!! But the GPS was not on Record stupid!  We had only 1,5 hours to sail there because the water came up quickly, so I couldn´t resail ....

We waited the whole day for low tide at 8 pm. Shortly before a big thunderstorm arrived and nobody could go out...... what a pity! But in the end I got my recorded session, with a way too big fin and the wind was not so strong any more....but happy! Next time I will be ready.....
Great results!!! Are there any photos or videos taken??? 
I have set the avg to valid, but I will need your tracks a.s.a.p. for validation (Thomas already sent his).
Congratz to all of you, you defently used one of the few big days!

Big respect to Steffi with her amazing speeds. First real speed session and such big speeds, well done. Third place in the alltime GP3S women ranking now, perfect!

I hope I can join you for a great session in the future... 
congrats to all!!!! massive shake up of the top 10 year and all time!!!
Hello Steffi, What kind of gps are you using? If its a GT-11 or GT-31 you have to  check your internal memory. Because on and of or on fix is ment for your SD card not for your internal memory. Maybe your track is on your internal memory. You can save that to the SD card and check that SBP file with your software.
Marco Bakker
Hello Steffi, I just read you use a Geko 201. Than its bad luck. Maybe its a good reason to by a Doppler GPS?
Greatings Marco
repost average from both GT31
after a long time windless moved storm front Jeanette across northern Germany!
On Monday evening, we were able to achieve in Büsum with clear skies and good winds (7-8 BFT)  ... then turn the wind freshened and very strong (9-10 BFT), so that nothing went!
On Tuesday morning we drove to Vollerwiek.
The wind was a little weaker but the wind direction looked very good!
Because the channel in the lower end is very narrow, we had to walk part of the route and the cost very much precious time!
It was really exhausting, but also because of exhaustion from the previous day and managed only six runs with a max speed of 47 knots!
Think it otherwise would have been more even 1-2 knots in it!
The 22er Lessach rake 30 has fully convinced me again and had never been afraid to spin off!