Results of the day
1Michalis Simos32.71
2Minos Efstathiadis32.38
3Stephanos Grapsas30.32
4Panagiotis Marnelis30.16
5Doxis Milidakis29.02
6Thodoros Kritikos27.7
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After derigging the wind came in stronger (as usual). Lots of guys sailing today and getting ready for a race tomorrow. Kai o Babis  epitelous stimenos!

Good direction less wind .I hope tomorrow will have more wind

it was a race  to get there daytime, i almost get a ticket... but finally i managed to surf 1 hour... 

first time with that board, fin and boom (thanks to Kostas Karavatas and Doxis in a way) 

Full carbon booms rock... 

this session is dedicated to Kostakis ....