Results of the day
1Lee Spencer26.09
2Norman Petty24.31
3Scotty Stallman17.53
4Scotty Stallman7.47

Gutted, I was on for my best ever hour! Spent the morning changing up kit as the wind kept dropping. Finally ended up on the 8.8 and the wind picked up, never felt overpowered though. 40mins on the 8.8 and a little boy was out near the matchstick waving his arms so I went over calmed him down and got a rescue boat.....then went to shore to check he was okay, his mum said there was his friend who was out near castle cove struggling so I did ask why they were out with an offshore wind at high tide and got another boat to go over to check!!! My hour was 15knots with the last 20mins faffing.

Been over a a cruise in the spring sunshine. 

New PB!