Results of the day
1Stephen Corps32.29
2Lee Spencer31.59
3Norman Petty28.76
4Chris Pankhurst 26.46
5Paul Arnold25.89
6Scotty Stallman20.01

Day of experimentation with boards and fins, tried the 7.3 with my manta54 but couldnt beat the speeds I had on the RS2.

Looks like thats it for a while :-(

my alphas could go up if i stop going up wind to keep me in the shalows  noted how smooth it was when i left  with the higher tide   ( i want some of that ! )       To improve my speed i need to learn to water start  now   ! laugh    im exspecting to break the 30 knot barrier in a coffin with a sail on top 

missed the best of the wind only managed a few  runs on falcon & 6.3 ram could'nt get the best from her ,changed up to ray & 7.0 ram ,turned out to be nice evening cruise got a PB on nauticle mile at last

Pleasant late afternoon...with sun!