Results of the day
1Paul Arnold23.27
2Chris Pankhurst 22.55
3Paul Morris20.76
4Scotty Stallman20.64
5Nic Dodd20.07

had some fun today with my latest £60 quid  7.9 sail  broke the gust barrier today with it would never have done it on 7.3  Cams are a bit weard to set up but i think i can sort that out  never even new i had them till i wondered what was stuck out on the luff  ! Nice to see scotty giving it some on the gybes 

finally got  some runs in had to wait till the wind picked up (too fat) chris and scotty going for it from the off ,he let me try his big sail managed a 24.44 on it did'nt want to give it back .

will have to get an 8.0 myself the wind picked up a little more enough for me to enjoy good trying different boards and sails i think a 130 litre will do me as well,

good light wind fun today

Course racing at Portland

Racing in light winds - yuck! Bit out of touch but not too bad overall when I actually got planing. Johnny won RN and I was 2nd.