Results of the day
1Benjamin Verdin28.67
2Patrick Driesen28.19
3Paul Van De Perre27.64
4Pat Erauw26.16
5Andre Lancel26.04

8°C. Na wat gekeuvel op de parking tijdens een luwte, met zij die van het water kwamen, zij die nog op het water wilden maar het nog niet goed wisten en zij die het wel wisten, toch de knoop doorgehakt en de 2e shift gedraaid met Benjamin en Dré - je hebt een uur auto gereden en wil tenslotte toch wat.

Gedurende anderhalf uur tot donker een reeks sympathieke vlaagjes meegepikt, niets spectaculairs, gewoon goed om de gijproutine eens te herbekijken en tevreden vast te stellen dat een zekere regelmaat in surfsessies toch zijn vruchten afwerpt op de duur. Vermeende zeehondenkop aan begin vaargeul bleek een boei... (?). Daarna vergast op te luide muziekinstallaties en knalbommetjes van de lokale jeugd... snel naar huis dus.

Bij aankomst geen wind en regen.

Even gewacht toch nog opgetuigt 7 want 8.5 en sl 120 ni bij.

Gevaren tot het donker was.(tot 17 uur ongeveerà.

Toch niet voor niets gereden ,en gesurft was met de zwakke wind iets te ruim.

With 8 Belgians on the spot waiting for wind. Even with half of the predicted wind, we would be happy...

Pat D and Paul were the first ones on the water and could go for 30 minutes in probably the best conditions. Then I came on the water with my F85 + 6.3 and could plane 1 x upwind. Then all the wind disappeared suddenly (ard 13u30-14u00). Not even 1 downwind run... Luckily it was quite warm today (compared to my last session) and I took some time to throw the PVC pole (attached to a rope) which is floating IN the speedstrip (2/3 from beginning) at the other side of the dam. But with the next storm, it will be floating again into the speed-zone !! So please be carefull if you are the first one out next time !!

We went back to the parking and enjoyed an open-air theather of GOS in my car ;-)

Suddenly it started raining and the wind changed another 20-30° more to the south. Unfortunately the wind didn't pick up... It was already 4pm and my GPS was quite clear: 30 km/hr max speed !! Pat D and Paul called it a day, but I didn't want to give up already. Driving so far for only this? Because Pat stopped, I could change the 6.3 i was using from him with his 7.0m². And then finally the wind picked up a little bit. Just enough to get my F85 + 7m going with some pumping in between. The wind direction was too broad (and much too light) to get some descent speeds along the dam. F113 + 7.8 would have been perfect...

The others didn't gamble and went back home dry.

Too bad the sunset arrived so early... Really felt a big difference compared to my previous session at the other side of the dam (with right hand in front). Today everything was much more balanced and felt alot smoother. Now i only need a day with some wind to see if i am still able to get some descent speeds (with left in front only).

Spijtig genoeg slechts een half uur wat wind.