Results of the day
1Jan Hendrik de Bruin27.52
2Otto de Jong25.25
3Klaus Kommer20.76
4Elke Kommer20.76
5Stijn de Bruin19.99
6Joris Van Den Bosch19.49
7Thomas de Jong10.68

Tweede sessie op de dag, gaastra zeil 7,0 lat gebroken van de camber dus maar underpowered op mijn 5,2 zeiltje gaan varen aangezien 8,6 te groot was pech dagje vandaag 

Started out with 7.8 & IS 107, wind dropped a bit, so switched to IS 127, very nice ride today :)

Rigged at 10.00 for 22 knots of wind, but i had to wait for a appointment that should been there early.

They had suffered a lot of trafic jam so arrived very late.

When i finaly hit the water everybody was sailing 7.8 on big boards, i did not have a ocean of time so did not want to rig my bigger set.

I was really underpowered but 6.6. and SL2 92 got to plane with a lot of efford.

really amazed by the power of the combo, i had lack of wind to blast downwind, but still had a lot of fun. after a short while the wind died completely and i quit. 

Lekker weer en wind, lekker even.