Results of the day
1Lee Spencer28.48
2John Kennedy26.94
3John Kennedy26.86
4Paul Arnold26.51
5Scotty Stallman22.25
6Chris Pankhurst 20.25

new gps   im back on the road ! the other cracked led screen  on impact with catterpult  , iv had  the inside out under a microscope to see if it would pull through but allas , well i know everyone carries a hammer  

enjoyed it today just trying  out new moves ( just to see if it can take another whack !)

didnt now that you could set the log speed at 25 knots to cick in on the new ones  Thanks Paul !

Its Working a treat 

Nice to have a decent wind session, if a southerly can be classed as decent at Portland

quite a decent session , but way to lumpy for me,

had a bit of a wander looking for some flat spots but nothing doing

Finally got the big slalom kit dialled in! hard day for any results in the chop.

Nice to step down onto smaller kit but still hard to get results in the chop