Results of the day
1Brian Rogild45.08
2Anders Boje44.59
3Max Nielsen43.83
4Mikkel Asmussen43.32
5Manfred Fuchs42.56

Finally all the wind we missed came on just one day... Rather high low tide, so the timewindow when the water became flat was rather shot, good wind angle, not quite ideal since one could sail back in one run most of the time. With increasing wind the speeds went up from 40.5 to 43.5 knots, then it became too strong and I crashed after the last run... On the way home trees were falling on the highway, trailers were turning over - the worst storm I've ever seen...

Session on Vollerviek, ending when the conditions where getting good and the guys improwed times big. I went in spinout with 46 knots and broke the board and got pretty sore rips, so missed out on the stronger wind, but nice day with the speedies, Anders improwing big time today.

Went we went in the wind just went up like mad, and we had to avoid trees and big trucks laying on the side. Now we are sitting in Burger King and waiting for the two brigdes to open so we can get home:-)

god day

Fun but not enoug wind or to much lead.

First time in Vollerviek