Results of the day
1Jurjen van der Noord36.7
2Ferdinand Rikkers36.03
3Andries Keulen34.63
4Oane Kingma33.08

Fun session in low wind.

Mooie namiddag/ avondsessie samen met Ferdinant, Jurjen en Oane.

Weer heerlijk gevaren op het poepegat, was gezellig samen met Jurjen, Oane en Andries.

There are worse ways to spend a friday evening! :) Good fun in the sun with a really small group, although the wind dropped a bit as soon as we hit the water. Still, a nice session! The big surprise was at the end: damn that mud you have to plow through when you leave the water, argh. I think it's better getting in and out somewhere close though. I'll give it a try next time.