Results of the day
1Damien Nico42.05
2Ian Richards40.03
3Peter van Dijk39.11
4Antony Todd38.84
5Nico Nouwen38.76
6Olivier Ponrouch37.6
7Roland de Wilt35.21

Last 2 days it's kinda difficult to get fast runs.. max speed is ok but to much difference between max and 10 sec. Didn't change to smaller gear in te afternoon when wind picks up over 30 knots so stopped my session early and let's see for tomorrow.

First started with iSonic W54 and Reflex III 6.2. Tried an hour, happy with it, for a moment was the wind less and not so square.

Later in gusts the wind picked up. So I took the other set. Testing for hopefully tomorrow?

Strange conditions and difficult for me to get good speeds.

Not very good day, wind very square an rainy day, but juste for Ian, i broke agin my PB for NM 

Not great conditions today, i never really had a good gust of wind all day.. i think Damien Nico was keeping all the wind to himself. ;) 

Frustrating day, had a big stack on a sand bar trying an hour left me with a mega dead leg and it was downhill from there. hopefully better tomorroe. Nice numbers from Damien who seemed to be getter back up wind so well while we were all walking.

Average day at La Franqui were you had to push to get some good speeds. Once I did it too much which resulted in a small spin-out by which I lost my balance and went through my sail. After some repair which duck-tape I luckily could continue sailing. A nice batlle during the day with Anthony. You just beat me. Well done mate.

Not well tune with my new sails , my arms do the job but not enough strenght to be 100% confident for slingshot ! 

But good training session