Results of the day
1Pete Young33.61
2Jim Crossley32.98
3Stephen Corps32.9
4Patrick Van Hoof32.47
5Simon Pettifer32.38
6Lee Spencer31.15
7John Oliver31.11
8Matthew York30.72
9Johnny Walker30.66
10Jim Brake30.3
11Adrian Wallis30.04
12John Kennedy29.41
13Neil Hackett29.27
14Neil Hackett29.27
15Robin Russell28.31
16Rob King28.12
17Scotty Stallman27.97
18Gary Platt27.22
19Bill Robinson27.18
20Paul Arnold26.98
21Nic Dodd26.64
22Phil Lewin26.29
23Mark Palmer26.04
24Chris Pankhurst 24.1
25Tania Mertens22.47

posting for chris ,he's lost internet at min .

weymouth speed week day 2

Got a reasonable run early on with the 7.9 and 110. Then tried the 90 and 7.1, but could get roughly the same speeds bu no faster. Then went back onto the 7.9 and 110 and went a bit quicker. Then gave the 110 and 7.1 a try and hey presto a 10 sec PB for the 110. Bigger board seems to fly over the chop better

Swapped Ram 7.0 for X-15 6.4, faster.

Swapped Ram 7.0 for X-15 6.4, faster.

good day today like one of those american express ways full of traffic , swapped to my falcon 89 twice but was'nt till later on in day felt fully powered RS was cruzin 

There was a lot of chop at the course, so I took my Freewave and a wave sail. It was sunny and windy, so everybody happy ;-)

Tried out my new board, couldnt get good peaks but does hold its speed well over a distance.  Should have stayed in bed though, absolutely full of cold now.

32x500m @ 30+ knots but not really 1 good one, that was painful!

second day of speed week.  Just couldn't get lucky with a good run

day 2 of weymouth speed week