Results of the day
1Jurjen van der Noord42.66
2Johan Huitema41.48
3Antony Todd41.07
4Steve Thorp39.58
5Sam Hunt37.71
6Allan Cross37.65
7Tony Robinson35.34

Good day at the Kirb, but very disappointing wind and speed wise, never really getting lit.
Nothing like the forecast and thankfully pretty square rather than the forecast W-WNW or I think we'd have really had a duffer.

A good day for me though tuning my new Unifiber gear, swapping masts around and playing with settings, felt a lot better by the end of the day. I prefer the Constant curve over the Flex top in the Hot sail with less downhaul than you would think, bottom hole very negative outhaul.

Good to see everyone, hopefully better luck for us next time.

Nice day at West Kirby but very cold. 

It was a disapointing couple of days really as the forecast wind did not really come through and the day started out with very light winds, only really started to pick up around 9:45am.. but at least we managed to get out for a sail and im happy with my speeds considering the conditions.

Nice to see Allan and Sam trying hard to get good speeds and getting the speed bug :) 

One day trip to the UK - West Kirby. At first La Franqui looked good, but then the forecast dropped. Because WK looked really promising, we decided to go there.

The wind did not really filled in, but still heeps of fun!

To bad I didn't recieve my new Staboard SS44 yet, but the Mistral was still going very strong. I did some comparisons between the Gasoil speed 21 and the Black Project S22. Fins did exactly the same.  

Had a good 2 day on the water at West Kirby with Ant Todd, Sam Hunt, Steve Thorpe plus a couple of the dutch guys, Jurjen and collegue travelleed  over too....  So I wasnt the only SV & SB combo on the water.. Not as windy as we would of hoped, didnt break the 40 knot barrier, but from the feedback looks as though I sailed the course too square...  Reckon I would of been able to handle the 6.2 but not sure if it would of been effecient.. All a learning curve mind you certainly wasnt any warmer!

Sessie 6: 1 dag voor mijn verjaardag had ik een klein kadotje in gedachten, een top sessie in het befaamde West Kirby! S'morgens met Jurjen van der Noord bij Morrisons Supermarket aangekomen was de wind eerst even flauw maar toen ik hem uitdaagde door het water op te gaan, was hij voldoende voor 6.3 :-) ! Jurjen slaagde in 1 van zijn eerste runs al een 79 run neer te zetten, dus de toon was gezet! Helaas nam de wind niet nog dat beetje meer toe, de twee seconden tijden nu gevaren worden hier dan snel de AVG's! All in all a nice experience together with Athony Todd and some more  english speedies, I call it a beautifull day!