Results of the day
1Pete Young31.18
2Michael George29.75
3Matthew York29.14
4Lee Spencer28.5
5Jim Brake27.68
6Bill Robinson27.18
7Anthony Barber26.75
8Scotty Stallman26.64
9Paul Arnold24.19
10Chris Pankhurst 22.69

Day 1 of the NWF speed event.

250m course in small waves... fun conditions and good for slalom practice.

in a bit of a state but just managed a few runs.

not  quite direction as forcast 

1st day of the NWF speed challange held at the OTC in weymouth/portland

sunny windy ,but wrong direction with big swell in an easterly

still great fun and ended up 4th 10s and 6th 250m so pleased with that in the tough conditions



Splash and dash, nice peak considering the shoulder height chop