Results of the day
1Pete Young36.85
2Lee Spencer32.32
3John Kennedy30.87
4Scotty Stallman29.85
5Norman Petty29.57
6Shemi Adams29.34
7Griff Halliwell27.98
8Chris Pankhurst 27.78
9Paul Arnold27.44

Came off as the wind dropped a bit, it came back after I derigged.....may finish eating and go back out for a bit

well there we are   first  legal,  lawfull,  honest ,  non cheating , 30 , Where everyone else is looking for  40 or 50  !!  

and it wasnt easy  considering little water and small fin with to much chop so lost  fin several times  at peek speed on  the jumps 

my set up isnt quite right i should be on a 80 litre  

soft  cleavage landings on these jelly fish  ( boobies! )


The wind and tide definitely didn't play ball today but it was nice to take a day off and get out with Pete and Shemi.

I should have got up earlier and been out a 7am as I think the wind would have been much better and I suspect the guys who sail at high tide will get some better conditions.

Blimey at last I managed to move my feet a bit quicker!

tried the 5.6 tonight did'nt really work too fat 

Never felt particularly fast. Probably not going for it as much having had a bit of a crash last time on the choppy section in front of OTC