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The WGPSRC proudly introduce the Personal, National and World GPS Surfing Records  

Beyond of the scope and interference of national and international (wind-)surfing  federations and associations, we have set up the and community. We are “a class” of our own with a great number of voluntary followers and speed addicts. Together we form and feed our own worldwide speed community. We feel now is the time to take our community one step further by introducing Personal, National and World GPS Surfing Records.  


The first question could be why introducing records anyway? There is a great 5x10 second ranking already in place……

The 5x10 seconds ranking is the biggest hit of our community. It’s fair, simple and logical. And it will stay. Perhaps even the new record format will not catch on… will be you, the users, who will make it a success or not….But the idea behind the records is simple. It’s about speed. The GPS record format is –much more than the 5x10 sec format- about the highest average speed achieved in one single attempt. 


Aren’t you afraid that the GPS records will split up the speeding community?

First of all: this is not our intention and has never been. Secondly: no,
we don’t think it will. Actually we think that have given the whole speeding community (speeders, manufacturers and associations and federations), a great boost and revival! Our worldwide GPS community exist of over 3300 members from 47 countries. Over 2000 members were posting GPS speeds on a regular base and 3000 boards, 4500 sails and 5100 fins were listed. Access and use of the sites is free, only access to some extra tools requires a mandatory donation of € 20 per year (‘gold membership”). The windsurfing site was founded in 2004. In that year 800 sessions were posted on In 2008 the numbers had grown substantially and 12.941 sessions were being sent to the windsurfing site. Quite a number of and speeders actually go to "classical" speed events as well. We don’t foresee “cannibalism” in any way. Fact of the matter is that just a few of us have the time, money or sponsors to do for instance a Speed World Cup tour or take part in a private sailing record attempt: entry fee's, membership fee’s, fee’s for the national association, registration fee’s for the events, time-off from work, travel expenses etc. etc.. Don’t get us wrong: we are not against the classical speed events. These events are great, but it’s only for a few of us. Furthermore: ranking in the Speed World Cup is done by ranking (points gained at the events) and not per se by speed. With and GPS-kitesurfing we just offer an alternative to the World Wide speeding community and given the stats, it has caught on. And it shows that “Joe Average” can be pretty darn fast too!


Do the records have to be so complicated?
The whole rules regarding witnesses etc. may seem “overdone”, but we
think they are necessary to avoid any “doubts” about a claim. A Record Contender needs to carry two devices, install a given firmware version and make sure his or her claim can be objectively verified by our GPS Record Committee. We use technology to our advantage and keep things as simple as possible while still maintaining a very high standard of our claims. It's in the interest of the record contenders a claim will be accepted by those who were not present at the attempt. But, don’t feel a lesser or member if you are not into the record thing! It’s only something extra for the hard-core addicts

How are GPS-speedsurfing and organized?

We are not an association, so we have no members. We are structured within a foundation (“Stichting” in Dutch). The foundation is our governing body so to speak. The main task of the foundation is to consistently promote the cause of GPS-speedsurfing and The foundation has an executive committee (“bestuur” in Dutch).


For the day-to-day operations of the .com speed community, such as maintaining the websites, organizing events, promotional activities, retailing GPS Devices, the foundation has an agreement with GPS3.  


The access and use of the sites is free, only access on the sites to some extra tools requires a donation of € 20 per year (2009) (‘gold membership”). All donations are welcomed! All donations are put into good use for the  community (design, updates of the website etc.). So basically we depend on the donations of all speeders using the site. To further cover costs, industry partners can purchase advertisement / banner spaces on the sites.


Executive committee (bestuur) of the foundation

Andrew Daff

Martin van Meurs


Technical Advisory Group

Manfred Fuchs

Chris Lockwood

Yann Mathet

Mal Wright


GPS Record Committee

Andrew Daff Chairman

Craig Bergh

Rob Munro

Howard Rowson


Technical Advisory Group/ GPS Record Committee Secretary

Martin van Meurs


General Counsel

Bart Goemans (LLM)


If you have further questions please contact Martin van Meurs. GPS-Speedsurfing is hosting the WGPSRC records on the website only and is not responsible for the organisation / procedures or follow-up.