Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout45.43
2Dave White44.81
3Ian Richards42.47
4Antony Todd42.26
5Jason Grafton36.64
6Stephen Squirrell34.76
7Peter Cutts34.25

Wind direction was more SW and this was to broad on course from yesterday and to square on the "west" course. Left one hour earlier as i didn't want to miss the channel train. Now waiting for the train to go, there was not so much traffic as i expected. I like the spot a lot so i will come back for sure, now i know better when to go and when not to go. 

toch knap hoor Jacques ! Ongelooflijk ook die energie om ergens het spotrecord te gaan breken !

Bit light for 5.0 today, strange day! 

Dissappointing session, not a good wind direction for either course and not as windy as yesterday.

A strange day really, it certainly seemed windier on going out, so I went out on my 4.6.

However im not sure it was ? nevertheless I had a better session than yesterday and managed a new spot pb v max. despite the direction being less favourable.


First speed session for a year or two. realy enjoyed it -- I have no speed kit anymore so used a very old 5mtr Tush storm sail and my falcon 80 - sail and board a bit big for the conditions - got blown out of the water a few times and a couple of realy big catapult crashes running aground at 34 knots ! very bent boom and broken Harness but no broken bones -- Great day - good fun 

Another interesting day at the Ray, played around with foot strap and mast track position and upped my boom a little.

Also tried to work on getting peak speeds but it seems I'm old school and all the bearing away in the chop isn't changing much, my max as was almost the same as my 250.

While its all a good learning curve It's not enough to get close to Jacques van der Hout who's sailing is so solid and great to see.

As said by everyone funny old old at Ther Ray :( As usual I arrived too early so had plenty of time to rig which is good because everyone there was rigging 5m and my 5.2 is a nightmare to rig as the head is damaged and it's  a nightmare to get the mast in! Many thanks to Ant who helped me and then gave me a rigging lesson:) The tide was taking it's time to drop but we set off around mid-day and the walk out wasn't too bad but it didn't seem that windy, then out on the  Ray the west course was too broad and the east too sqare:( The hihlight of the day was a seal getting out of my way on my first run down, yet another disappointing speed day for me and as usual I was way off the pace:( I got some  OK peaks but just couldn't get a 10sec:( being underpowered most of the time and I should have been brave enough to rig my 5.8! It was knackering struggling to get going up and down wind on my speed board - I need to use this board more as the last time  I sailed it was in June!!!! On the day I would have had more fun on  the 80 as it was good fun watching speed buddy Peter Cutts out of control on his 80 and wave sail ending up having a good day including a mile and an alpha! The only plus was a good peak which ended in a big crash as I headed into the chop ! Then as it was getting dark I had one last run ending in the middle of the channel not being able to waterstart as the wind dropped, I managed to swim ashore and walk back to the prom a mile from my van !!! By the time I got back to the van, changed, returned to pick up my kit and drive 70 miles home I was knackered !!! but still great to meet up with so many other speedsailors and perhaps one day I will get a 10 second 40 !!!!

Here's wishing everyone a  Happy Christmas and a healthy and windy New Year :)