Results of the day
1Dave White43.61
2Ian Richards40.89
3Antony Todd40.73
4Michael George38.5
5Shaun Cook38.31
6Scotty Stallman38.28
7Matthew York35.92
8Alex Bennett-Baggs34.3
9Chris Freeman33.54
10Shemi Adams30.85

First time on the speed board got a new PB.very nice session looking forward to next one

alpha practice, well done Scottyon your pbs

no energy today after getting a bug over christmas, but decided to make an effort and get out on the water. very square and busy on the course. nice to see not so little anymore..Scotty getting some pb's well done. 

Another interesting day at the Ray, this time the wind was from the South so good to test port tack, but as the wind was a bit up and down it didn't live up to expectations. Sadly it went nuclar just as the Ray shut down.

So what did I learn. I've brought both front footstraps back a notch and pulled the mast track back back, though the main this I wanted to test was down haul and out haul combination. Went all the way with Downhaul to the point it killed the sails, tried each setting with different outhaul, this was easier as I've added a roller to the sail making it easier and more accurate to adjust. Think I've foud the optimum downhaul setting, outhaul I was still changing with the wind strength.

Supper happy with my fin, prefure the more upright trailing edge but think its time to go smaller. Lent out my kit today, seems everyone liked my set-up so up which is good to know I'm on the same page.

Today was southerly and the first time that I've tried speed sailing on port tack along the eastern course.

It was fun trying to sail in the opposite direction for a change but I was way down on Whitey's speeds.

I could have done without putting a hole in my sail after 20 minutes of sailing and enlarging it at the end of the session!

Good to see a decent number of speed sailors out today. Congrats to Shemi and Scotty on their PBs.

Reposting for NWF event ranking 

Poor show from me (as usual) started off with a nice comfy blast as the wind seemed to have dropped, towards the end speeds started to build then just before the wind kicked in i fell in the middle now getting knackered i couldnt waterstart for toffee spent 20mins in the water and game over - cheers mike for spotting and checking thankfully i drifted the right way!

my lack of fitness is blatant no breakfast i sailed like a mongo but hey big turn out everyone mega friendly and loving it, nice to see a couple of new faces also very friendly..that walk gets longer im sure....battered!


So much fun, lots to learn and cannot wait for the next session. Thanks to everyone for the advice.

southend 30th dec and it was warm and sunny

southerly direction making it square on west course and port tack on east course , early start on the road by 5 am , on water by 830 , great to finally hook up with chris freeman from black project fins ,had a good sail for an hour , i did 3 runs on the east course which wasnt enough for a good average :( , crashed out on the 3rd run , hitting my boom as i landed and seeing stars for a bit ,glad i had a helmet on !!!

so went for a couple more runs then packed in , should have manned up really as wind picked up again and i missed the best bit , oh well next time

super stoked for young scotty , almost the big 40 mate , well done you

crap result for me but you have to post good and bad ah ,finger crossed well be back there at the weekend

was great to see so many speedies out , too many bloody kites though :)ha ha