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1Brian Hooper30.77

iS97, 7.0RBlade, 36 Tribal Sl - Lammermoor Beach, QLD, AU NNE 19-23kn

Ummed and ahed whether to take the iS90 or 97 but decided on the 97 as it looked a bit up and down (could have got away with the 90 for most the session but the 97 felt really good today - amazing to think this board was once a two piece)

Did a Nm up first run over to the harbour and played around in and out of the swells.  Nice and smooth in close to the wall but wind was real iffy.  Managed to nail a couple sweet gybes and think that may be an ocean alpha PB.  Wasn't really going for an hour but with no dropped gybes for entire session I ended up surprisingly with a decent hour too.  Mid to high tide so a lot choppier than past couple days.  All in all a really solid session for me here and I think I've found my favourite spot to sail in the northerlies.