Results of the day
1Dennis Klaaijsen33.21
2Fabian Crombeen32.76
3John Kaju32.39
4Martin Keernik31.13
5John Oliver30.34
6Didier Mourral30.2
7Tyberghien Pieter29.66
8Peep Tomingas26.67
9Annika Valkna25.17
10Michal Polak21.2
11Michal Polak18.61
12Michal Polak17.92

3 perfect Defi 2016 traing heats with around 100 sailors starting behind the Sooruz start boat in hardcore conditions.

1st heat finished 6th

2nd heat as number 4 at the first bouy behind Warembourg, Mortefon and Diethelm, finishing 5th

3rd heat finished 6th

Beautiful footage from the start boat

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