Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout44.19
2Vincent Valkenaers43.26
3Antony Todd41.02
4Jean-marc Degrelle39.72
5Robert Hofmann39.6
6Jurgen Verdurmen39.2
7Dennis De Pauw38.96
8Nils Bach38.87
9Dirk Hacha38.07
10Adam Mróz37.29
11Adam Mróz37.15
12Edwin Roestenburg36.79
13Patrick Driesen36.23
14Tjerk Baan Hofman34.74

Only one run!

Nice last day, easy sailing, took the 6,2 with the ca 44 today and got two good runs, was a great trip with really nice conditions :)


Comments will follow.

La Franqui today, gusty, Notherly, choppy....a few runs, and my body said Stop! Too tired from yesterday! :)

Nice La Franqui trip with the dutch guys, great fun on and off the water as always.. hope to see you again soon

spring session in shitty wind!

The NeilPryde LT1 5,6 is my favorite sail since this weekend. Saturday afternoon i was 2 knots faster then anybody else on the course in La Franqui. When i wanted to quit and derigged this sail around 16 pm the wind increased and i took the Evo8 5,2 for an evening session. Monday i took the sail again and the results show how fast this sail is. It feels soft and light and i like this even more then my Evo8. I want this sail in a 5,2!

afsluit sessie van een mooie 3daagse beetje onderpowert maar lekker gevare :p

Last day of our trip.

Wind was too light for this set. But was a nice upwind training into the chop (wind was very broad).

In the afternoon Dirk, Pat and I cruised till the wind dropped completely. Switched the JP45 for the Falcon Speed + Caspar 25cm and still did some 70+ 10’’ runs with this set, with only 20-25knts wind.

It was very nice to meet the international speed scene; Ant, Johan, Rob, … See you soon guys !

I had an amazing weekend with my teammates Pat en Dirk, I hope we will do a trip again, soon ;-)

Dag 3 LF

Dit was meer mijn dag. Wat minder wind en dus voor mijn gewicht ook beter vaarbaar! Toch opnieuw geen hoge snelheden. Raar maar waar!

Day 3: waking up it was crystal clear: yesterday's session was not at all digested (and not only by me ;-) ). But also the wind kept it relatively calm. A bit gusty and shifty to broader angles. But certainly good enough for a great fun session to end this very nice trip.