Results of the day
1Jim Crossley36.56
2Robert Hofmann36.28
3Alexander G Buch35.53
4Anders Bjorkqvist34.96
5Manfred Fuchs34.68
6Sergio Brun33.33

Last day of the DSC on Fuerte...Race n° 7...4th Place for me!! Yeaaah!

Glückwunsch Robert, Du bist wirklich super gefahren.

Grüße: Günter

Last day and 7. session of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge, better conditions as expected, sail was on the small side, but could not rig the 7.0 with the remaining mast... Good competition and nice event, good to meet old and new friends and share the spirit.

Last day....really good conditions but still big holes in the wind

DSC 2017 last day, last heat! Thanks for a great event.


(my gps did not work proper the other days)