Results of the day
1Shaun Cook41.56
2Jason Grafton36.91
3Simon chippington 36.04
4Simon chippington 36.04

What a lovely day to get back on the ray after nearly a year.

Good to catch up with some old friends.

I had a really enjoyable sail, despite it being really broad on the west course, so much so on accasions it swung round on to a run.

looking forward to the next session with hopefully more wind and a better direction.

Could have been a great day if we could have got out 2 hours earlier as the wind was honking, but dropped off abit as we got out due to the tide times

still learning the art of speedsailing and improving my speed again.

seemed wind when walking out to the ray, had a few runs with 12kilo on but decided to ditch the weight and got a new pb. very westerly so only east course was working and very choppy befor the tide started to come in , only a few more runs before the wind dissipated