Results of the day
1Ralf Ewers34.46
2Nils Bach34.45
3Patrick Miller34.18
4Colin Stutzke31.13
5Klaus Lepies31.12
6David Markovic26.35

First 80km with 7,1.

Later at 5 pm with 6,4 and 35cm fin.

Incredable day.

Toller Tag auf dem Stein mit Nils, Ralf und Patrick. Was eine geile Surfwoche mit 4 Tagen auf dem Wasser, mit dem 97er. Heute als perfekter Abschluss, endlich mal wieder 6,2 gefahren.

what a nice day as the season at Steinhude is slowly coming to a close, apart from the weather which was quite gloomy I had some fun on the water with Ralf, Patrick and Colin.

I tested a new prototype by FeineFinnen today which worked really well, I managed to get a 37kt peak on the display, which is my best speed so far with 7,0 and also did my best Alpha500 @ Steinhude today

a bit gutted to miss the first place in the daily spot ranking by 0,01 knots though ;)


What a nice day! First time at the Steinhuder Meer with the local crew Ralf, Nils and Colin!

At the beginning trying to get a good feeling in this new spot. My speeds increased by time, but stuck a little around 33knots. After 5pm handed my board to Colin and did some runs on his 97 iSonic. Damn, this thing was fast, did my two fastest run with this board an could close the gap to Nils and Ralf. Pretty happy with my 500m!

I will come back to this spot for sure!