Results of the day
1Gunnar Asmussen50.48
2Farrel O Shea50.31
3Mikkel Asmussen49.77
4Jim Crossley47.8
5Alexander Goncharov47.72
6Magnus Bengtsson46.98
7Zara Davis46.3
8Magnus Bengtsson41.72

Fantastic day on the canal! My fastest 500m which if confirmed will give me a new world record and my fastest 5x10 second of all time. Good day in the office. LOVING my new Simmer speed demon board and 2018 speed sails.

Was never really powered up with the 5.1...I did 3 runs on the 5.4 that were my fastest but crashed at the finish of my fastest run and took a wack from the weight jacket in the ribbs.  That finished pretty much finished my day.


51.1 knots (1 sec) spinout and crash on the same run:))