Results of the day
1Mikkel Asmussen48.94
2Magnus Bengtsson48.48
3Alexander Goncharov47.95
4Jim Crossley47.9
5Petter Malmkvist47.78
6Alexander Goncharov17.95

Super happy to get 49knots on 500m and 50 knots 2 sec, the day was for bigger sails, but the 4,8 is so sweat that I tried to push but the wind simply was not strong enought, now I want so badly the 50knots on 500m but we will see if the water starts to smoke or not the last days. Thanks Raffi for putting together such an great event, and thanks to my family at home that let dad play a little:-)

Nice!!! tried the magic carpet today... tomorrow 10 knots more wind i hope:-)



Supercanal from Raffi???? (realatively safe?? And fast) with super trailerguys???? (I didnt se one ding on the boards)

Found the right board after a week???? Took Ben Profits 50 knot board, Simmer 40.... could be even faster than Ben Talks????

But should probably had the 19 cm fin it is designed for for the right confidence in the canal. Used the 18 gasoil worked good on the upwind side of the canal, but spun out when i drifted down to the middle of the canal (in 40 knots gust)

Oops.... something wrong with the typing in my last post...

?? Means smiley

Never really got lucky with the wind today.  Frustrating as everything felt good and I was ready for some high speeds.

Well done to Magnus who bizarrly did a 49 500m unhooked!!!!!!!

off the lip


This was the last day of the Luderitz speed challenge.  It was a unique experiance as I was the only windsurfer and only one kite surfer.  The wind was gusting through about 40 knots and building.

I had really high hopes as could make as many runs as I wanted and could wait for a gust before starting.  Unfortunatly it didn't work out as there was a serious crash from the kite surfer after about 3 runs and after recovering him from the canal and into the van to hospital with a smashed ankle it was very strange sailing the canal alone. (with support workers)  Having the canal to your self sounds great but it can a lonely place. The best of the wind faded and the day was finished.

Wishing Sylvian all the best with his recovery.

Never really got lucky with the wind today.  Frustrating as everything felt good and I was ready for some higher numbers.