Results of the day
1Tim Hemer39.44

Wind was measured as 25-35 on the bank at 3 mile so I went out on speed kit with delusions of PB's! - Creeper 48, EvoIII 5.5 & Vector 24.  I thought it was going to be another solo session and as I started to walk my gear out I saw Rod(Beachport local) walking out just upwind of me.  He had parked 50m away but I couldn't see or hear him with the bushes and wind.  I had one gusty run and was way oversheeting in the holes so I came in to get the slalom board and Gary showed up from the Pit Crew. It looked like it filled in again so I went out on the speed board again only for it to drop out again.  Back in again for a rig and board change for some cruising action.  Headed out on the 6.1 and Mistral 112 in case it came back but it didn't.  The sail felt more unstable than the day before and I noticed my cross batten had broken and I was finding it hard to gain height so I just cruised back and forth in the middle of the lake for an hour or so with the occasional squirt off the wind near the 3-mile island.  The Tomahawk 27@45 felt better this trip with some new mods - I rounded the leading edge a bit and put a small notch in the trailing edge at the head.

Lake George solo...except for a Red Belly Black Snake!

It was a long day with a lot of walking.  I had few scary spinouts on the choppy speed run which kept me on my toes. It was a fun day and good prep for tomorrow which will be stronger but west.

Lake George - Northerly 15-30+

Creeper 48 - Avanti M1 6.1  - Vector weed speed 24